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Friday, May 11, 2012

28 The Good List

Happy Friday, friends!  To help kick off the weekend, I thought it might be fun to create a list of 15 of my current favorite finds and share them all with you.

These are in no particular order. Just a mash up of what’s rocking my world right now. I hope you enjoy perusing them as much as I’ve enjoyed gathering them…

#1 GLITTRAN Mixer Tap from IKEA

Why it’s a good thing:  Truth be told, the faucet in our kitchen was kind of a spur of the moment purchase. Looking back, I realize I should have waited for something that really took my breath away. Well, that day is finally here, and coming soon to IKEA. Hello, GLITTRAN Mixer Tap. I think I love you.

screen shot 2012 03 01 at 10 37 09 pm Preview: 25 New Products for Spring at IKEA!  

#2 Country Living is now on

Why it’s a good thing: I’ve saved nearly all of my old CL magazines, dating back to 2004, and most of them have torn, folded, and dog-eared pages. Being able to Pin all my favorite CL images to designated boards and have immediate access to them anytime I need a little inspiration is slice of heaven.


#3 The Perfect Veggie Burger

Why it’s a good thing: From one of my favorite food blogs, Oh She Glows, comes this absolutely amazing recipe. And you don’t have to be vegetarian to fully appreciate the benefits! So yumm!
image via

Seabold Vintage Market

Why it’s a good thing: My new favorite online shop, Liz offers a great collection of vintage and adored items, particularly these red cross necklaces
by artist Donna Clement.


#5 Jeanne D’ Arc Living’s new hardcover book

Why it’s a good thing: I got my first peek at this book thanks to my friend Kathee who is selling them like hotcakes in her space at American Home in Ventura. This book is drop-dead amazing! If you can’t stop by the store, she can mail a copy to you. You can contact her via email: forty4caliber@yahoo.com


Blanket sofa by designer Maresa Patterson

Why it’s a good thing: I love the fresh concept of reinventing vintage upholstery using old plaid blankets and textiles. Unfortunately this sofa is already sold, but y
ou can view more of Maresa’s pieces

#7 The
Winston Cushion from Hunters at Home

Why it’s a good thing: It’s the perfect
combination of my two favorite things…bull dogs & union jack flags. But I must say, that eye patch is pushing me over the edge of cuteness indeed. 


#8 Magnifying glass votive sconces

Why it’s a good thing: Spotted on the blog
Perfectly Imperfect, I’ve decided I need to find a wall for these sconces somewhere in my house. And by the way, don’t they look 10 x’s better displayed on Shaunna’s mantel versus Pottery Barn’s website. Just sayin’.
image via

#9 My friend Kimberley’s recent dining room
before & after reveal.

Why it’s a good thing: Kim is so inspiring! I adore her new neutral-gray color palate, and I especially love how she incorporated the
Pom Pom linen tablecloth she bought from my online shop in her makeover.

Before After

#10 Slate Flooring

Why it’s a good thing: Okay, so our master bathroom may not exactly look like this (see before pics), but I am crazy about the slate. We’ve been looking for a summer project, and a flooring project just might be it. 

Slate bathroom floor

#11 “Somebody that I used to know” song (cover version)

Why it’s a good thing: You’ve probably heard the incredible original song by Gotye. Well, this version is so brilliant, it’s one of the best covers I’ve heard. 5 people, one guitar. Worth the watch, I promise. Besides, over 100 million views can’t be wrong!

#12 PaperKarma

Why it’s a good thing: Using your iPhone, PaperKarma is an app that allows you to take photos of the junk mail you wish to stop. Simply snap a photo, and you're done. We’ve been using it for 4 weeks now, and we’ve already noticed a major reduction in junk mail!

#13 Flower Market Fridays in Santa Monica

Why it’s a good thing: Fresh flowers curated by Rachel Ashwell from her Santa Monica store. I can’t think of a better way to start off the weekend, than driving home from the city in a truck full of fragrant, beautiful flowers.

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture Site

#14 Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market

Why it’s a good thing: shopping for locally grown, fresh, seasonal organic produce, while spending a warm, sunny day with my favorite guy in the whole world.


#15 The views along Pacific Coast Highway

Why it’s a good thing: To quote one of my favorites, Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air”


And there you have it, my happy little “15” list!

I hope you enjoyed it…I’d love to read your comments. Maybe I should start working on my next Good List, Part 2?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend : )


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  1. Thank you for this post! I really love posts like this & you're so right with #11 - that cover version is AMAZING! Have a great weekend.

  2. Okay, I have to say the song was awesome. Never heard it before but those people were super talented!

  3. Thank you for blogging about Country Living being on Pinterest! I have folders at home with cut out pictures from Country Living magazine glued to the pages! It was my Pinterest before Pinterest, and yet with all the success of Pinterest, I still revisit my folders...so this will be the best of both worlds!

    Also? Magnifying glass votive sconces! Duh! Why didn't I think of that? Brilliant!

  4. I am benefiting from everything on this post! Love it (: thanks so much

  5. Thank you, my amazing girlfriend. I'm humbled (and tickled pink) to be included in this list. xoxo, Kimberly

  6. Enjoyed every minute of it... What a great combination of wonderful things. I've heard that song too, isn't it amazing and wonderful!


  7. This is an AH-mazing list!!! :D The slate bathroom is *to die for*...I mean, seriously! Have a fantastic weekend!

    Ricki Jill

  8. Hi Jen! Omg...what a great list! Thanks for including my books! I'm on my third re-order...
    I love so many things on your list...That faucet is to die for!!
    The blanket covered sofa...OMG I want one!
    The iphone app paperkarma...going to run to my phone and do this immediately!!
    The flower market...sigh~
    Thanks again...see you soon~xoxokathee

    1. Congrats on all the reorders...that book is fabulous!


  9. What a terrific post! So much fun to check out all these goodies. I love that song. Thanks for linking it. Also, I plan on checking out CL's pinterest page. I didn't realize they had that. One other thing, do you happen to know how much she's selling that Jeanne de Arc book for? I might have to indulge in one!

    1. Not sure, but you can email Kathee - her email address is in the post : )


  10. What a great list! Thanks for lots of ideas ~ although now that I know Country Living is on Pinterest I will be pinning even more often than I already do. Have a great weekend!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. Wow I am really inspired by your fantastic list and learned so many new things!! Thanks so much for sharing your great finds and ideas!!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I'm already working on Good List #2.


  12. What a fun post! I loved each and every one of these! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. I don't have time to comment because I'm listening to every single song "Walk off the Earth" has ever sung!

    1. LOL, Amy! Same thing happened to me!


  14. I don't have time to comment because I'm listening to every single song "Walk off the Earth" has ever sung!

  15. Great post...
    I want the faucet, the slate floor and that burger !!
    xo bj

  16. Great idea! If we all did it, it would be like our own Pinterest. Viewing each others would be so much fun and informational. How about Mondays?

  17. what a great post! I loved reading about every one of those. Thank you!


  18. Love the faucet...love the recipe...but most of all I love #11..why you ask,because they are from here!!! just a few miles from us and we are all soooooooo thrilled for them!!! Great post,really enjoyed it! x0

  19. Great list Jennifer - and that song - love their version!!

  20. Ahhhh Jennifer . . . Thank you soooooo much for including us in your list!!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much this means to me - Seriously!!! I also want you to know that I fell absolutely in LOVE with the video!!! Just visited your Pinterest boards - and they made me so happy to see such beautiful boards and ones that I relate too!!! I am slammed at the moment trying to get everything packed for the Remnants of the Past Show . . . but on the drive down I am sure I will be pinning like crazy!!! Thank you once again!!! And if you come to Remnants - please do stop and say hello!!!! :) xoxo - liz

    ( I am sure my friend Maresa would also be thrilled to be on your blog . . . she is not on the computer much - so I will be sure to let her know!! )


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